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His Sons – A Poem by Patti H.

For Cowboy Poetry Week – April 20 – 26, 2009

Decided to try my hand at poetry – it’s not meant to rhyme but rather tell a little story.

Word count: 89

Through the window he watched the scene playing out below
Two heads – one light, one dark held close together, talking low
Not realizing their father, was a watcher from above, they playfully jabbed at the other
Quick smiles appearing on youthful faces, arms casually slung around shoulders
He stood misty-eyed in total amazement, that his prayers had been answered
Turning his eyes to the heavens to another father, another watcher high above
“Thank You,” he whispered, “My sons…together, are finally home
As they should have been all those long-past days ago

Patti H. – April 23, 2009



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