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Hot Dang! by Patti H.

#1 of the Hot Series 01

Something to Warm Us Up!
Proceed with Caution…Adult Situations Ensue in this Series
Usual Disclaimers Apply – No Beta – Flying Solo


It was early-February in the San Joaquin Valley and winter’s grip was relentless as Murdoch dispatched Johnny to the Yosemite area to fetch Ahwahneechee Indian healing herbs to treat Scott’s fever as Teresa’s stock was nearing depletion.  “Old Faithful” himself, Dr. Sam Jenkins, was not able to make a house call to Lancer as he was sickened with the same fever that was spreading throughout the valley; it was up to the Lancers to take care of their own.

Johnny rode Barranca slowly; making their way along the rugged, snow-covered, slippery terrain when Johnny succumb to the fever’s hold, slide forward and tumbled from Barranca, sprawling  into a snow drift.  Barranca nudged Johnny with his golden muzzle; whinnying and pawing at the snow near Johnny’s head, but to no avail stirred his rider.

“Ho, there golden boy, easy now,” said a gentle voice, tender hands stroking his neck, rubbing his forehead as she cooed keeping the horse calm.  “Let me see what’s wrong with your master.”  The trim figured girl, dressed in buckskins, rawhide boots and wearing snowshoes kneeled alongside Johnny delicately touching his brow.  Realizing that he had a fever, she moved with haste to remove her snowshoes and began shaking the man to some semblance of awareness,

“Hey!  Wake up cowboy, come on wake up!  I can’t move you by myself.  You gotta wake up and help me, help you.”

Johnny moaned as he opened his eyes trying to focus on the face behind the voice.  In his fog he noticed blue eyes, long auburn hair and the face of a young woman.  “Whooo are ya?” he croaked.

“Time for introductions later, cowboy, can you help me get you up on your horse?”

“I think so…if ya hold on ta me and steady me.”

She got him up on shaky legs as he leaned on her to mount Barranca.  She climbed up, positioning herself in front of him on the saddle, allowing him to rest his feverish head against her shoulder blades.  “Hang on cowboy.  I’ll have you inside directly.”  She maneuvered Barranca over the snowy trail until they reached a small cabin where billows of smoke rose from the chimney.  Johnny moaned again as he held onto her slender waist, wondering if angels in heaven wore buckskin instead of wings.

The girl eased herself from the horse before helping Johnny down; he leaned on her as she assisted him inside the cabin.  She settled him in a chair in front of the fireplace; where she removed his boots, pushing aside his hands she unbuckled his gun belt and slid his wet clothes from his frame.  Taking a towel she rubbed his bare skin dry while stimulating his circulation as he felt simultaneously bone-chilling cold and clammy to her touch.  Grabbing a quilt from the bed, she wrapped it around the shivering man whose teeth were rapidly clicking together.  She added logs to the fire, to increase the flames and creating extra heat into the tiny cabin.  Finally she forced a steamy hot brew smelling strongly of bayberries into the freezing man.

The girl next dragged the mattress from her bed, placing it close to the flickering flames, before prodding Johnny down to the mattress.  His body was quivering from the cold, as she toed off her boots, flinging her clothes to the floor to lay naked on top of the cowboy, using her own body heat to drive away the numbness of his skin.  They tented together underneath the quilt, feeling heat from the fire she continued massaging Johnny.  Gradually his icy skin thawed as she felt warmth spread to his well-muscled chest and limbs while they lay together in their cocoon.

In time Johnny stopped shivering, and he surrendered into a deep slumber, while her body remained on top of his.  The slow, rhythmic breathing of his chest rising and falling against her body, coupled with his soft curly black chest hairs gentling tickling her smooth skin pushed her over the edge into a peaceful sleep, with his strong, sinewy arms encircling her to him.

Time passed ever so slowly as the pair slept until the fire’s crackling and popping sounds woke Johnny, who opened his eyes to the vision wrapped inside his arms.  He felt familiar heat developing in his nether region as the girl woke with a surprised look in her eyes as she felt his manhood probing with firmness against her body.  Johnny looked deeply into the girl eyes with an unasked question lingering in his eyes; she gave him a soft smile and nodded her consent.

Johnny rolled her over onto her back, taking care not to crush her with his weight as they explored each other’s bodies.  Kisses tasted sweeter than honey, as their tongues probed deeply inside the other’s mouth.  Her hands reached down his muscular back, gentling rubbing, they kissing deeply, drinking in the other’s flavor.  Johnny’s hands gently moved her long hair from her face, gazed into her twinkling eyes.  He nibbled on her neck, moving to an ear lobe, he slowly caressed each breast, teasing her nipples with his fingertips until it drove her to grasp his firm, lean buttocks with fervor, kneading them with her fingertips, flaming his own desires more intensively, while she wiggled under him with delight and eagerness.

“Are ya sure?” Johnny tenderly asked.  “No turning back once my horse enters your stall.”

“Let’er buck, cowboy,” she purred, looking unswervingly into his beautiful eyes, striking deep blue orbs matching stunning deep sapphire orbs.  “You’ve given me your fever….your fever of desire.”

Johnny grinned, exclaiming “Hot Dang!” as he drove home his pleasure point and buck they did.

The End

Patti H. – February 6, 2009

Hope y’all good and hot now ‘cos I know I am!  Wheeeee!!!!

Part Two – Hot Springs


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