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Hot Springs by Patti H.

#2 of the Hot Series 01.

Something to Warm Us Up Some More!
Proceed with Caution…Adult Situations Ensue in this Series
Usual Disclaimers Apply – No Beta – Flying Solo


Johnny stirred, realizing that it was morning, past dawn for sure; he stretched his arms and yawned, careful not to wake the sleeping girl by his side.  He gazed at her bare back with a broad smile upon his face; thinking that he was hard pressed to recall a time when he felt so happy…so relaxed…so satisfied…so cured…of well at least one fever. 

Shifting to his side he spooned the sleeping girl close to him, draping his left arm across her body to gently cup a breast, blowing ever so softly on her skin he felt her shift, pressing her round little bottom closer to him.  With a smile he picked up one long tress of her beautiful auburn hair and used it to tickle her nose, grinning more lavishly as she batted at it without opening her eyes.  Reaching underneath the covers, he began stroking her soft curved bottom, squeezing gently he traced his fingertips tickling and tingling her skin, raising goose bumps.

She sweetly sighed and turned her head to look over her shoulder, seeing his devilish grin and playfully dancing eyes said, “Morning cowboy, mmmhhh, that feels good,” as he continued caressing her smooth skin, now having better access to play with her sensitive sweet spot.  “Are you ready for a ride again, so soon?” she giggled with mounting desire as he continued his caressing.

“Only if ya want ta,” he drawled slowing his motions down to a crawl.

“Oh sure, sure work a girl up into a tizzy and then think you can just stop what you’re doing….oh no you don’t….please don’t stop, that feels sooooo heavenly.”

“’kay, but I don’t want ta wear ya out from all our riding.”

“Cowboy, I promise you that you’re not, but after this next ride I’m going to reward you with a special treat.”

“A special treat?  Just what kind of treat have I earned?”

“Oh you’ll just have to wait and find out later….nothing for nothing, cowboy,” she replied, rolling onto her back, as he leaned down kissing her all over, making her sigh and squirm with pleasure.

Afterwards, the pair sat at the table fortifying their need for another type of nourishment.  Both were wrapped up snug in blankets, talking and laughing.  Johnny reached over to push hair from her face, “Ya know I don’t know ya name…what is it?”

“Phoebe Ann Cummings.”

“I’m very pleased ta meet ya Miss Phoebe Ann Cummings, my name’s Johnny Lancer,” he said with a wink, and a smile as he placed a gentle kiss to the back of her hand.

“Johnny Lancer, what a nice strong name.  I’m certainly pleased to meet you too!  Now that we’ve been properly introduced, have eaten, you’ve finished your bayberry tea, and aren’t feeling feverish, are you ready for your special treat?”

Johnny smirked broadly, “Phoebe, I don’t know if either of us will be able ta survive any more treats.”

She blushed, slapping his hand lightly, “Not that kind of treat, silly!  Pull your boots on cowboy and wrap that blanket tight, we’re going outside.”

“Like this?” Johnny asked as he looked downwards opening the blanket to reveal his nakedness.

Phoebe giggled and nodded her head, “Trust me Johnny…you’ll like this treat and you’re already properly undressed to enjoy it.”

“Ain’t complained about any of ‘em yet, Phoebe.”

Opening the cabin door, she took Johnny by the hand; both being careful to not step on their trailing blankets’ tails as they followed along a pathway from the cabin down a hillside that had flagstone steps marking the trail.  The morning air was invigorating to their faces as they walked lightly, listening to the sounds of birds cooing and chirping overhead as the sun was rising above the Giant Sequoia tree line.  Johnny spotted a narrow partial frozen tributary of the Merced River as they continued their downward descend.  He noticed that close to the river’s edge there were constant vapor formations swirling into misty billows as they rose from the ground up into the atmosphere, the source he saw was an enclosed body of water.

“Here’s your treat Johnny!  That’s a natural hot springs; the water is the perfect temperature to enjoy a nice long soak, and relax as you steam out any remnants of your flu.  I guarantee that it will cure whatever ails you.”

Phoebe kicked off her moccasins and dropped her blanket, exposing herself to the brisk mountain air while Johnny gazed upon the vision in front of him.  She turn her head to look at him over her shoulder, “Like what you see cowboy? 

She giggled when Johnny gave out one long whistle of appreciation at what he saw and said, “Hot dang!  Ya bet I do!”

Phoebe slowly stepped into the water, teasing Johnny with her swaying hips; she slipped into the hot springs until the water covered her shoulders.  She turned around and looked at Johnny, who was staring keenly at her; crooking her index finger, Phoebe coaxed him, “Come on in cowboy, the water is perfect.”

Johnny thought, “No, Phoebe, you’re what’s perfect” as he walked to the hot springs, kicking off his boots he dropped his blanket and quickly submerged his body into the hot water.  Reaching out he captured Phoebe, drawing her close, he felt the curves of her breasts press into his chest as the steam engulfed them.  He leaned down and kissed her mouth with firmness, sucking her lower lip.

“Double Hot Dang!  I surely must have died and gone ta heaven,” he sighed.  “You’re my special treat, my little life-saver, not only a vision in buckskin but buck-naked as well.  I know you’re what ails me, Miss Phoebe Ann Cummings, and it will take more than just these hot springs ta cure me.”

The two splashed and cavorted, refreshing their bodies and their souls, letting Mother Nature guide them as she does best while the pair forgot about utilizing the springs for relaxation.  They instead discovered just how much hotter and steamier they could make the springs while they rejuvenated their flames of desire.  Wave upon wave crested between the two, cascading them further and further into their hot springs paradise.

The End

Patti H. – February 7, 2009

Part Three – Hot Under The Collar


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