Johnny Madrid Was A Rebel- A Parody by Patti H.

A Parody
For Cowboy Poetry Week – April 20 – 26, 2009

Word count: 171

Johnny Madrid was a rebel
He roamed through the west
And Johnny Madrid, the rebel
He wandered alone

Our Johnny lad
Wore no badge
But got fightin’ mad
Standin’ his ground against evil and bad
He wandered near and far
Where the only law
Was his fast, lighting draw
The rebel, Johnny Madrid

He searched the land
The wandering, restless lad
Panther quick
And leather tough
‘Cause he figured that
He’d been pushed enough
The rebel, Johnny Madrid

Fightin’ mad our Johnny lad,
With a dream he’d hold
‘Til his dyin’ breath
He’d search his soul
And gamble with death
The rebel, Johnny Madrid

Away rode Johnny Madrid, the rebel
Gunbelt strapped low on his hip
With spurs that jingle jangle jingle
On his proud, fine steed

Searchin’ far and wide
Seekin’ his birth right
Findin’ a father, a brother
With matchin’ hearts of gold
And finally found his home

Yes, Johnny Madrid was a rebel
He roamed through the west
And Johnny Lancer, the son
He wandered no more alone.

Patti H. – April 23, 2009


Nod to the lyrics of “Johnny Yuma Was a Rebel” with my own special twists…


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