The Midnight Swim of Murdoch by Patti H.


A Companion Piece to – “Taking A Moonlight Swim” 

Dedicated to Carole – For a Giggle and Grin

 Usual Disclaimers Apply

Rated:  NC17 for Language and Adult Content

Summary:  Murdoch Seeks Relief From the Heat and His Sons!

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Earlier in the evening, after the occupants of the ranch had bedded down for the night, Scott and Johnny had figured out the best way to cool off, beating the heat and heaviness of the sultry night air.  Creeping back inside the hacienda just before midnight was easy to do as they tiptoed up the back stairs towards their rooms, dragging the tails of their sheets that were wrapped around their lower torsos.  The tails looked like long wedding gown trains on the back of bridal gowns.  From the waist up their bodies were bare, with the exception of dewy drops of moisture clinging to their soft curly chest hairs and water ever so slowly dripping down their necks from their damp hair.  Their cheeks were flushed with a pleasing glow from their moonlight exertions swimming in the fishing pond.  The brothers were relaxed and refreshed from cooling down their overheated body temperatures.

In the darkness they heard the low but loud rumblings of their father’s snoring as he inhaled and exhaled, with the hint of a wheeze every other breath.  The door to his bedroom stood wide open, peering inside the boys saw that their father was not asleep in his bed where he should be.  On no, instead Murdoch Lancer had nodded off in his cavernous sleep in his chair posted like a sentry on guard duty at the window!  That window afforded him a clear view of the fishing pond, the fishing pond from which the boys had just vacated from their bare-ass swim.

“Johnny, you don’t think Murdoch was watching what we were doing, do you?”

Johnny shrugged his shoulders in the low light, “Kinda looks that way, don’t it?”

“What do you suppose we should do?  Move him or let him sleep where he is?”

“Better wake him up…he’ll be stiff as a board come mornin’ if we don’t.  Hey!  Ol’ man, wake up,” Johnny prodded Murdoch’s arm to wake him.

“What?  What’s going on?  Where am I?” asked Murdoch at first confused and startled to see his two sons, leaning over him.  They were bare-chested, clutching sheets around their waists, dripping water, which formed two puddles at their bare feet as a slow steady dripping of water plopped-plopped-plopped onto the hard wood floor.  A few drops fell from their heads, striking him in his face as they peered in close at him.

“Sir, you fell asleep in the chair.”

Hey, ol’ man!  Were ya watchin’ me and Scott down by the pond?”

Grumbling, he pulled himself to his feet from his chair, he said huffily, “What are you talking about, boy?  Why would I be watching you and your brother swimming in that pond?”

“Ahhh, ya were watchin’!” Johnny laughed knowing that he had caught Murdoch stretching the truth, just a little.

“And if I were, what difference does that make, young man?”

Scott stood by watching Johnny come up with an answer, waiting to hear what his impetuous younger brother could possibly say to appease their grumpy father, who obviously did not appreciate being jostled from his sound sleep.  Johnny saw Scott smirking at him from the pale light of the slowly sinking moon streaming into their father’s inner sanctum. 

“Well, ol’ man, ya could have come down and joined us for a moonlight swim in the buff and cooled off!”  Johnny widely grinned at Scott, giving him a sly wink at his cocky reply.

Scott choked on the blast of air he spewed from his lungs, he bent over at the waist, coughing, holding his sides, released his grip on his sheet.  The sheet promptly slid off his body, floating to the floor in a white puddle of cotton, leaving Scott stark naked to the eyes of his father and brother.  As for Johnny, Scott, by now had accepted him, seeing his body in the all together, but not Murdoch, he was appalled.  Scott hastily bent over retrieving the sheet, stretching his buttocks taut and smooth as the moonlight softly shone on them.  Scott stood, wrapping the folds of the material around his slim waist, doubling knotting the two ends together in a secure bond.

Johnny hooted, “Boston, never knew that the full moon could rise twice in one night!”

“Shut-up Johnny!”

“Ain’t that kind of a rare event?  Maybe a once in a lifetime occurrence?”

“Shut-up Johnny!”

“Oh come on, Scott, just pokin’ a little fun at ya!”

“I telling you, Johnny…shut-up!”

“Boys!  Enough!  You’ve had your fun.  Now go to bed.  Both of you.  Morning comes pretty early around here and you’ll have work to do!  Go!”

Johnny looked over at Murdoch, “Ya want us to help ya ta bed ol’ man?”

“John!  Your bed!  Now!”  Murdoch growled with the veiled threat of imminent danger if he didn’t obey.

“Come on, Johnny, don’t you ever know when to stop pushing?” smirked Scott relishing that Johnny was on the verge of a tongue lashing if he didn’t quit.

Johnny obstinately held his ground, “Damn it, Boston, I ain’t pushin’ just tryin’ ta help our ol’ man ta bed, where he belongs.”

“OUT!” Murdoch pointed towards the doorway.

The boys left Murdoch’s room, going towards their own rooms.  Johnny gave Scott a quick backhand and Scott gave Johnny a jab to his shoulder as they said good-night, closing their bedroom doors.

Johnny allowed his sheet; well truly it was Scott’s sheet, to fall to the floor where he stood.  The moonlight traced across his sinewy limbs, his muscles flexed, bending at their joints as he lugged his mattress from the bed frame.  He dragged it underneath his window, where the night air was somewhat cooler, as unsullied mountain breezes gently stirred the curtains, making his skin tingle with the cool wisps of the now fresher air that was swooping down into the valley.

Scott pulled on another pair of clean, dry cut-off drawers, trying to desperately erase the image from his mind of his father seeing him nude.  It wasn’t bad enough that Johnny was so damn comfortable with his nakedness.  Johnny was now attempting to corrupt Scott into relinquishing every last ounce of his proper Eastern dignity and upbringing.  By, well…by dropping his drawers at every opportunity that had presented itself during this week’s hot, insufferable summer weather and by coaxing Scoot out of wearing his flannel union suit under his outer garments for, well…for nothing at all!

Johnny flopped, face-down on the mattress, smiling with deep-seated pleasure as the breeze drifted across his naked bottom, making him clench and release several times.  The breeze was like the sharp nails of a woman as she traced her fingertips gently, oh ever so gently scratching across his exposed skin, making the fine hairs on his arms and legs stand at attention from the forming goose bumps.  Smiling at his memories, Johnny wiggled, shifting his weight adjusting his body to the contours of his mattress and pillow.  Closing his eyes he thought of other nights, where a soft and willing, no eager woman had laid underneath him, moving as one in the union of pleasure and oh, oh, oh such sweet release.  Johnny held onto that thought as he heard the expected sound of a loud splash of water coming from the fishing pond and he broadly grinned.

Men simply did not go parading around in their all together for other men to see.  It just wasn’t done, after all what would his straight-laced, stiff upper lip grandfather have to say, knowing that his Scotty had been on display in front of Johnny and Murdoch?  What was he?  Some kind of bull going out to stud the neighbors’ cows?  No!  This simply was not proper.  He would speak with his father in the morning, get him to straighten out that wild cuss of a brother he had.  Scott felt the breeze stirring at his curtains as he heard the unexpected sound of a loud splash of water coming from the fishing pond and he broadly grimaced.

Both brothers rose from their beds, diverting their eyes out their windows, across the yard towards the fishing pond.  The moonlight reflected upon the glimmering water, leaving no doubt in either of their minds as to just whom was swimming in the all together in the pond.

Johnny guffawing out loud, “Yep, it’s the ol’ man,” sinking back down to his mattress, he placed his head back down on the pillow listened to the sounds of Scott in agony on the other side of his wall.

Scott was smacking his hand to his forehead, several times, before loudly exclaiming, “Oh my God, it’s my father!  What have I gotten myself into?  Some kind of nudist colony?  What next?”

Johnny grinned, “What next?  Oh brother, just you wait and see!”  Rolling back into his former position, Johnny fell asleep with a wide grin of satisfaction shining across his moonlit face.

The End

Patti H. – June 29, 2009 

Readers Note: 

History of Naturism – Nude swimming has probably been the rule rather than the exception during the history of mankind.

·   Public nudity was common in ancient Egypt under Pharaoh Akhen-Aton (1385-1353 BCE).

·   Students in ancient Greece exercised and received instruction while unclad; athletes competed in the nude. This continued until 393 CE, when the Christian emperor banned the Olympic Games because he considered them Pagan.

·   Ascetics in ancient India practiced nudity as part of their quest for simplicity.

·   The Japanese widely practiced nude communal bathing until recently. Today, there exists only “…a few mixed bathing pools in hot spring spas, and some mixed public baths in small villages in the deep countryside.”

·   Five Christian groups from the 2nd to the 15th century practiced public nudity: the Adamites, Adamianis, Carpocrations, Encratites, and Marcosians.

·   Many cultures in tropical areas wear very little or no clothing, even today.

·   John Adams enjoyed nude swimming in the Potomac River.

·   Public nude bathing was common on the beaches of the UK by the 1840’s.


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