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The Rubdown by Patti H.

Summary:  Doing What Comes Naturally
Usual Disclaimers Apply
Warning:  Adult…Sensual…Recommend Cold Showers or Fans To Help Cool You Off!
No Beta and Tweaked Since 1st Release at Lancer-Righters Yahoo Group

Word count: 744

Soft fingers caressed the taut tanned upper back; the motion made his muscles rippled under the strokes, all the way from the base of his neck down along the solid shoulder blades, to his mid-section reaching to the naked buttocks, down his sturdy legs, clear down to his toes.  The tips of the soft fingers made enticingly deliberate circles while they crept ever so maddeningly unhurried.  Next to receive her attention were his powerful mid-back muscles, quivers rippled the beneficiary’s skin from the undivided concentration, which was done in almost full silence.

The room was still except for the occasional satisfied moan that escaped the lips of either party.  These were accompanied by the tranquil whispers of flickering candles that neither party noticed.  Or saw that the glow reflected and mimicked their motions in silhouettes along the far wall.  Both were too caught within the raptor of the moment to bear witness to their gracefully dance other than in the comfortable bed.  His young heart beat sure and true, to his ears he thought his heart thumped loud enough for the pleasure giver to hear the telltale, “Whoosh! … Boom! … Whoosh! … Boom! … Whoosh! … Boom!”  that he heard echoing through his head.

Delicate hands moved down even lower, long, silky tresses of rich, gleaming, auburn hair tickled his skin as her hands pressed harder, kneaded his exposed buttocks, to the point of making them tingle with still more pleasure.  He moaned ardently while even the most minuscule hair on his body shivered with delight at the unadulterated carnal pleasures he received.  The thought came to mind, “Hot Dang!” as he moaned in appreciation.

“Dios!  Life is good!” came his next thought when uncovered elegantly slim legs were thrown on each side of his frame, when his partner straddled him, her supple bare bottom resting upon his, was no bother at all, in fact, he liked it there.  He felt her feminine charms press against his naked skin in her sensual rocking motion, “kinda like bein’ in a rockin’ chair, only better,” he grinned to himself.  His was content, more so than he could ever recall in his young life.  His forehead cradled a down pillow, as he waited for the perfect moment when he would reverse the tables to turn her over on to her back…soon, but just not yet, he relished this moment, as he greedily soaked in the rubdown and everything that she offered.

She now candidly groaned while her hands traveled upwards, still soft but now they were more firm, adamant hands fondled his muscles, pressed down into his back with a sense of deep urgency as the girl’s breathing changed to soulful labor as his too sounded in his head, “Whoosh! … Whoosh! … Whoosh! … Whoosh!”  She sighed and then kneeled down to stroke her flesh against his to go on the rubdown, naked warm light, almost white skin pressed against naked warm, golden tanned skin.

Her hands teased, tickled the sides of his lean body, and sent additional shivers along his frame.  She ceased the rubdown long enough to bend low again; her naked full breasts brushed against his back as she nibbled one earlobe, then gave equal concentration to the other lobe.  She placed delicate, sweet loving kisses along the base of his neck, and then ran her hands through his raven black thick hair, twisting the long curls around her fingers to pull ever so gently while she rocked back and forth on his back, faster now with mounting flaming fires that only he could put out.

Johnny smiled broadly knowing the time was at hand; he reached up to smoothly, tenderly flip her over onto her back, taking his place on top of her.  She beamed brightly, her smile that of a pleased seductress while her hands caressed his black curly chest hair, tugging on his nipples that were stiff with excitement.  Johnny’s eyes bore into hers, the deepest sapphire blue to tempting green, as his erect manhood bored inside her, making her gasp with satisfaction as they rode wave upon wave of passion…

Johnny Lancer sure loved his nightly rubdowns that his new bride, Jessamie gave him.  Almost as much as he loved her, “Boy!  Sure am glad Miz Lancer didn’t kill me.  Would have been a downright shame not ta enjoy this every night.”  Johnny’s arms protectively cradled her as they spooned together and drifted off to sleep…for the moment.


The End
Patti – April 21, 2010


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