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The Skinny of It! by Patti H.


#2 of the Commandos Cowboy series

The first story begged for a companion piece.  Usual Disclaimers Apply
Rated:  NC17 for Language and Adult Content 
Summary:  Johnny, Scott ‘n me havin’ a whole lot more fun!

Scott looked at the closed door and the space just vacated by his little brother, hearing his words replay in his head “Don’t tell me you’re plannin’ on wearin’ that today?”  Shaking his head he thought to himself, “Maybe he’s right, after all he’s lived in this part of the world longer than me.  He does manage to always look so cool, so self-assured, and oh so damn cocky!”  Scott grinned at the mental picture flashing across his mind before shaking it out of his head.

“Okay, Johnny, when in Rome…,” he mumbled to himself, stripping out of his skin tight union suit.

Scott was grateful to have the hot, itchy garment peeled away from his body; it was restricted and felt like a second layer of skin in today’s hot and clammy temperatures.  Holding his brown trousers up he mulled over Johnny’s other remark, “Nothin’ at all, Boston, makes it easier ta do all sorts of things without all that fussin’ around.”

Shrugging his shoulders, he figured to give it a try as he pulled on the pants that weren’t quite as tight now that he wasn’t wearing that bulky union suit.  Even the feel of the material of his trousers against his skin felt pretty damn good he had to admit.  He finished dressing and hurried downstairs to join the rest of the family for breakfast, as well as receive his day’s assigned chores from Murdoch and Cip.  Walking around without his drawers on gave him an additional spring to his step as he smiled knowing he would be much cooler today working out in the hot sun, repairing fences alongside his brother.

Even the ride in the saddle felt different, he felt much freer without that extra layer clinging, holding his body heat in, making him flush with perspiration and bunching up in problematic places with those buttons digging into his skin against the saddle’s leather.

“That Johnny is a smart boy.  I’m glad he shared his little secret with me,” thought the lean and lanky brother as he and Johnny worked side by side in the hot sun. 

Johnny had long since shucked off his shirt, was busy pounding nails into the last fence post. He looked at Scott, grinning, “So, Boston, how’s it feel?  Not havin’ that…what did ya called it…oh yeah union suit stickin’ ta ya?”

“What?  How did you know I took it off?”

“Boston, that’s easy, today ya ain’t sweatin’ like a hog goin’ ta market.  And ya ain’t scratchin’ yourself, like a dog with a bad case of fleas, tryin’ ta pull it out of your…ahhh “gentleman’s equipment” and your ass.  That’s how I know.”

“Oh!  Well forgive me for my lack of manners.  I’m sorry.  I didn’t realize that I did that.”

“No worries, brother…I’m sure that it couldn’t be helped, with it all sticky and clingy like.  Hey, Boston, ya up ta tryin’ something else today?”

“I don’t know, Johnny.  Like what?  What else could there possibly be, dare I ask?”

“Oh come on!  Boston, let’s take a break and relax a little.  All work and no play makes us dull, borin’ boys!  I want ta show ya something.  Ya comin?” he drawled as he vaulted into his saddle.

Scott stared at him, noticing a certain gleam in his blue eyes that could only spell mischief and mayhem was in the works, “I hope I’m not going to regret it, whatever it is.” 

But curiosity overtook Scott as he mounted his horse following his little brother up and over a few slopes.  They traverse a few more hills before coming to a concealed small pond surrounded by rocky terrain where a clear rushing waterfall invitingly called to them, like the sirens of the seas beckoning to passing merchant sailors.  It did look cool and refreshing as the sun was peaking high over their heads, beating down upon them with relentless scorching waves of unforgiving rays.

“Whoo Hoo!  Last one in buys the drinks next time we’re in town!” shouted Johnny as he toed off his boots and socks, unbuttoned his leather pants, shimmy out of them, leaving them where they hit the ground.  Scott’s mouth dropped open at the unexpected sight of his now buck-naked brother, galloping towards the edge, momentarily pausing before diving head first into the pond below with a loud splash.  A grinning Johnny surfaced, shouted to Scott, “Come on in, Boston!  The water’s fine!  I promise ya!”

“Johnny!  Johnny!  Johnny!”  Scott frantically yelled at him each time Johnny resurfaced for air, while Scott ran along the water’s edge trying to keep up with him.  “Johnny!  Johnny!  Do you hear me?”

“Yeah, Boston, I hear ya.  What?  Why don’t ya join me down here instead of runnin’ around up there, just gettin’ yourself all hot and bothered?  Ya face is lookin’ pretty red ta me!”

“What if someone comes along and sees you?  You don’t have any clothes on!”

“Thanks for the update, Boston.  Did ya think I was goin’ ta swim in my leather pants?”

“Well, no Johnny, but then again, I didn’t think you would be so bold to swim naked as a jaybird in broad daylight either!”

That’s the skinny of it, Boston!”  He winked at his brother, “Now are ya comin’ in or not?”


“Suit ya self brother, but I’m gonna enjoy my swim.  See ya!”

Scott watched his brother, kicking and diving, his wet glistening rear sticking up out of the water ever so often.  Sighing loudly, Scott did have to admit that it looked like he was having fun and the water did seem to be beckoning him.  What harm could there possible be to take a nice quick dip?  After all he was on his land and only Johnny would be the wiser of his partaking in such impish behavior.

“Okay, Johnny, when in Rome…,” as he too kicked off his boots and socks, tossed off his shirt and dropped his trousers.  Scott ran full out in his birthday suit, cannon-balling into the water with a great kerplunk!

Johnny grinned wickedly at just how easy it had been to convert his big brother into leaving behind some of his back East notions, loosen up some and enjoy the simple pleasures of the water on bare skin.  Maybe being a little brother wasn’t going to be so bad after all he thought as he jumped up out of the water, laughingly ducking him under.

The End

Patti H. – June 22, 2009

Author’s Note: 

I discovered that the term “skinny dip” was not used until the 1950s.  However the term skinny has been used since 1573, meaning, “having to do with skin.”  So the Lancers brothers didn’t use the two words together…like anyone was noticing that!  <VBG!>

Part Three – Taking a Moonlight Swim


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One thought on “The Skinny of It! by Patti H.

  1. What a lovely image I have conjured up in my head.Two young men, in the prime of their lives, naked as the day they were born, enjoying a refreshing dip in the heat of the day. Thank you for a lovely start to my week
    Lancer lives on!


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