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Ya Look Marvelous by Patti H.

Word Count 584


A 500-Word Drabble

 Usual Disclaimers Apply

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Johnny, grinned thinking back to another time when he had caught Scott primping in front of the mirror in the Great Room, as now he stood in front of that very same mirror.  He starred into the polished contours of the ornate looking-glass, well aware that Scott was nearby after smelling the traces of his scented shaving soap.

This was too good of an opportunity to fall by the wayside…he just had to do it.  Gazing into the mirror, with all the gravity he could muster Johnny exclaimed, “Ya look marvelous!”

Scott stopped his forward momentum, watching and listening, believing that Johnny could not possibly have seen him yet; therefore Johnny couldn’t be speaking to him.  He arched his eyebrows, wondering what his rapscallion little brother was up to this time…

“Ya look elegant,” stated the young man starring at his likeness in the glass.

“I’ve got to agree, is that a new shirt you’re wearing?” asked the bemused Scott, who had decided to play along and see where this took him.  “It’s about damn time you replaced that worn out red shirt of yours, it was a rag.  I like the flower pattern, the blue matches your eyes.”

“Breath-taking,” continued the mischievous cowboy, trying not to laugh at his brother’s baffled look.

Slight nod of agreement on the part of Scott, who drawled, “You…are…pretty….”

Johnny grinned impishly, suppressing a smirk from forming, “Ya think so?”


“Anymore cute remarks from my older, smart-ass brother, I’m goin’ ta have ta teach ya some manners,” scolded Johnny. 

“That does it,” exclaimed Scott.  Reaching over he tugged the tails from Johnny’s tightly tucked shirt from his snug leather pants.  Scott next connected with Johnny’s hair, ruffling it.  He knew full well this would get a reaction from his brother, who hated his hair mussed up, unless it was by the wind riding Barranca or by a lady in a different set of circumstances.

“Hum…brother, ya don’t want ta get all wrinkled-up, do ya?” asked Johnny, a tad more dangerously, as he ducked from Scott’s long arms, quickly pulling Scott’s shirt out from his pants in retaliation.

“No,” replied Scott.  “Johnny, why are you talking to yourself in front of the mirror?  Giving yourself compliments?  Are your lady friends suddenly mad at you?”

“Nope, and I wasn’t talkin’ ta myself…”

Scott spun around, expecting to see someone else in the room, perhaps Teresa or one of Johnny’s girlfriends, seated in the corner chair.  No one was there mystifying Scott further.  “Ah, brother, are you feeling alright?  You didn’t bump your head?  Or fall from any horse did you?  Have heat stroke?”

“Nah, Boston, if ya had let me finish, I would have told ya, today’s compliment your mirror day.  I was talkin’ ta the mirror!” he grinned, showing off his pearly white teeth as Scott gawked at him.

Johnny reached over with a quick jab to Scott shoulder, turned on his boot heels and departed the Great Room with Scott in hot pursuit!

The End

Patti H. – July 1st, 2009

Readers Note: 

This drabble is in honor of “Compliment Your Mirror Day” on July 3rd.  I figure to release it early for the holiday weekend – hope ya’ll have a booming good time if you’re celebrating…if not have, then have a nice Lancer weekend! 

Thank you, Janet Brayden for the holiday lists…this piece, I’m sure you’ll agree begged to be written!


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