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Lancer Season One by Patti H.

Word count: 934

The High Riders

The Lancer Ranch is white

Day Pardee’s High Riders are black

Murdoch, wounded at last sees the light

Calls for his sons to come pick up his slack.


Blood Rock

Scott feels the plight

Of the young orphan, Ben

As he and Murdoch followed his flight

Thwarting a sheriff believing Ben is the ticket to an outlaw’s end.


Chase A Wild Horse

A fence, a friend and a watch observe

The internal struggle ‘twen father and son

A wild dark stallion, drifters and a wounded Scott all preserve

The wild dark-haired Johnny’s choice not to run.



Scott’s fine eastern gentlemanly ways

Attempt soothing a soiled damsel in distress

But the man named Foley had another thing to say

Alas he discovers that Lancers can’t be pressed.


The Lawman

Long arm of the law, be it wrong or be it right

Locked Johnny in the old guardhouse cell

Joe In cahoots with the outlaw Al escaping in the night

Until Murdoch and Scott rang both their bells.



Julie, Julie, Julie where do you run?

After you plied your feminine charms

To use Scott as your dope, just isn’t done

But never fear little brother sounded the alarm.


The Prodigal

A widowed mother, Darcy, timid like a mouse

Had a son that was nothing but a louse

Now if only Murdoch had been her spouse

Jeff might never have ended up in the prison house.



A sneaky old con man that looked like hell

For his boys had a heart of gold

Steps into a Lancer rig, free room & board, dared to ring a cow bell

His deception discovered as the Lancers make Jelly fold.


The Last Train for Charlie Poe

Scott thinks he can, thinks he can

Arranges to break Johnny & Charlie from jail

Holding up the train, pinching deeds to save pilfered land

Murdoch would much rather have paid their bail.



Glory do you have stealing on your mind?

Trying hard to get your paws on Lancer bounty

Scott wary of her phony smiles isn’t blind

Sends Glory and her Gramps out of the county.


The Heart of Pony Alice

A horse of course is what Johnny bought

A quick shuffling horse trader smirked, playing him for a stooge

Pony Alice, a child in need but distraught, fought

She and Uncle Wilt were amazed to discover that Madrid just doesn’t lose.


The Escape

The Civil War was already fought

Libby Prison for a year was Scott’s horrible abode

Dan, Lewis, Hardy and Scott failed the escape they sought

The others seeking revenge from Scott instead were given a new code.


The Wedding

Josh & Laurie sitting in a tree…K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Tough guy, McCall on their wedding day steals her away

Scott declares to Josh, moral fiber is what Laurie is missing

Instead it takes simple lass Jenny not to betray.


Death Bait

Where’s a wolf, there’s a wolf, baying at the door

A manhunt for Jelly

Boys are away, Murdoch can’t see so much as the floor

Could still shoot the sheriff in his belly.


The Black McGloins

Irish lass, Moira steals Scott’s cow

Her pa, Padraic & brother Sorley prove to be quite the pair

Scott spanks Moria – oh wow and oh ow

Teaches her manners on how to play fair.


Yesterday’s Vengeance

Murdoch away in the still of the night

Leaves a message in a letter

Scott, Teresa & Jelly worry with fright

Only Johnny believes he knows Murdoch better.


Warburton’s Edge

A cattle war is brewing

Johnny can’t return home, stalls

Leaving Murdoch stewing

When Isham & Sexton Joe pay a visit, Madrid is forced to draw.


The Fix-It Man

Spanish Wells needs a jail

If Charlie Wingate builds it, Kirby will tear it down

Guard duty Lancers with really big guns make folks pale

But eventually progress arrives in that little cow town.


Angel Day and Her Sunshine Girls

Hush little Teresa, don’t say a word

Your momma’s back from her grave will buy you a mockingbird bird

But first you must sing and you must dance swishing your skirts

Because you’re step-papa Carl is a money-grubbing mean old jerk.


The Great Humbug

A soaping Buttermere will go, a soaping Buttermere will go

Seeking patsies, attempts sticking it to the Lancers

Using his little daughter is oh so very low

A banishing he does go, with Scott, Murdoch & Johnny astride their prancers.


Juniper’s Camp

Oh Melissa gal, won’t you come home tonight?

Scott & Johnny don’t really want to fight

Miners, or sheriffs or messy pigs

To get you away without dancing any jigs.


The Knot

Ask not if Scott will run

Teresa’s in a jam

Desperadoes on the lam

Don’t last long when Lancers point their guns.


The Man Without a Gun

Val and Johnny don’t cut bad guys any slack

Been pals forever, or so it would seem

Each watches the other’s back

Working together Clay Criswell gets reamed.


Child of Rock and Sunlight

Andy-Jack wants Scott to teach him things

Scott don’t know he’s outlaw bait

Murdoch and Johnny worry what dangers the desert brings

Hurry to find him, luckily before it’s too late.


The Measure of a Man

A visit to a school

Where bullies make the girls cry

Soon Johnny has to rule

Educating Turk it ain’t cool to lie.


Devil’s Blessing

Everyone at Lancer is in a pucker

Murdoch refuses to believe he’s past his prime

Sets out to prove he still has luster

While his sons point and grin, their pa cleans-up crime.



The End of Season One 
Patti – February 4, 2010


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